juss coz u said so i am gonna write it ! lol

7:49 PM / Posted by Marcus /

and yesterday was perfect

i finally got to spend time
i honestly couldn't have asked for a better evening

i do Love her

and u know what
Yesterday she told me he LOVED me too
at the handball game !

and then she said it would taken a millionaire and someone more perfect than me -- and someone that would treat her 10 times better than me to even try to attempt to rip us apart and take away what she and i have!

what sucks tho is the whole month of May and 2 weeks in June -- i am gonna go tru the withdrawal stage of not seeing her and even after i am done my 5 week placement - its gonna be different not seeing her as often and as much as i would want to - between her and my work schedules we are lucky if we even get to spend some one on one intimate time

and coz i kno how i am when she is not there i am gonna have to try really really hard to not snap and pick fights juss to see her

what matter in the end is that i LOVE her and she LOVES me -- UNCONDITIONALLY !!!!

and NOBODY -- u hear -- NOBODY -- will take that away from us!!

Mondele -- is this entry good enuff for u -- : )

love u boo boo's




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