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Cried enough. Let’s laugh a little.

I am so cartoonist. They should make a sitcom about my life and name it after me! :D

Yesterday I realized that I have sent text messages to a wrong number, thinking I was writing to the cute gal I thought was commited but apparently she’s not and she likes me. ;) But I had the wrong number! Oh, Lord, who have I sent those messages to?? Anyway, I was drunk when I sent them and, you know, sadness + alcohol + cute gal = what have I done?? But then again, you don’t want to hear the “you don’t get to call me whore” speech, do you? Then, shut up. Thank you! :)

Anyway, got the right number and I couldn’t call her because my phone has a broken button. It’s the “9″ button. And I couldn’t call her. Hilarious, isn’t it? :D

I pushed the button for an hour continuously until it worked! Yay! If she only knew the trouble I went through to get to her. Hahaha!

Happy end: the cute gal wants to go out with me. Then again, who doesn’t? :D Just kidding, relax, you hyenas! (I’ll get hate mail for that joke, but I can take it!) Anyway, I’m concentrating on the nice things in my life. Like cute gals and ice cream and work. Ok, work isn’t as nice as cute gals and ice cream, but it keeps me busy (plus I get to work with cute danish gals so it adds up nicely).

Aaaand, another funny thing: remember when our English was so bad and we used to mess up the lyrics to our favorite songs or the name of artists? Like: “Richard touch face” instead of “Reach out and touch faith”? Or “Dirty Streets” instead of “Dire Straits”? Today I laughed for minutes in the supermarket when I heard someone singing “If you ain’t got more money take your big ass home” instead of “If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home”! :D I thought it was hilarious. :D Funny day today.

Keep well and keep good. Vă pooop (mai ales pe ea:D;))


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