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1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
Because it would be a crime against humanity to keep these deep, intelligent, provoking thoughts to myself. And because all of the cool kids are doing it. And it was time for a new obsession. Just for fun!

2. How do you balance the demands of b/f with blogging?
Actually, I neglect my g/f in order to blog by doing a lot of blogging after she goes to bed. And if it's a day I happen to be on a blog topic roll, she is training the whole day cause she is a handball player . And I forgot cleaning the house. Oh gosh, I don't know. I fit it in here and there, between my home-cooked meals, the hot newlywed-like sex with my hubbie and quality time with my lovely gal. It just works somehow.

3. What is your top pet peeve?
Crap, I'm suppose to pick just one? I try to be as understanding as possible, realizing everyone comes from a different place and may not see things the way I do. But if I have to come up with a pet peeve, I'd say people who drive slow in the left hand lane.

4. What is one thing about yourself that you are trying to change?
Oh my god, where do I start? I'm still all about keeping up appearances and can't let on to everyone that I actually have flaws. Like being picky, controlling, judgmental, pushy, hot-headed, vulgar, gassy and on and on. I'd like to spend more time praying for world peace.

5. How do you unwind when the stress of daily life gets to you?
Why is Sara asking me that question? She knows I'm a total lush! Oh, I relax on the Shake-Shake while basking in the afternoon sun, reflecting on the important things in life, thus putting the daily aggravations in perspective. They'll never know I'm doing that "reflection of life" with a man named Jack Daniels.

Simplu - Mr. Originality (aprilie 2007)


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