7 - Despre my Swedeheart

7:23 PM / Posted by Marcus /

First off...ABBA has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. I've always been wowed by Agnetha's voice, and there are a few points in this video where she's just singing ... and scared ... and then seemingly "WOW...I *can* still do this!".

She can still do this.

Agnetha is what most Ambient singers these days endeavour to be. 30 years later, and she still can do it...and do it better than most.

Extraordinary voice, soul, everything !!! phenomenal voice... 6 STARS FROM ME! love you Agnetha, since I was a young boy! to this day, when I hear this, I just stop and listen and get chills. agnetha is incredible. Still as beautiful as ever.

Sometimes When I'm Dreaming. Agnetha's voice makes my feelings glide through the calm and peaceful sea of solitude; her heavenly voice takes me through my inner and deepest thoghts and reminds me that I am still alive. She is a wonderful human being.

So fragile, so beautiful and so real! Words can't express the feeling of hearing her again!

Agnetha's voice can make you feel happy when your sad, she is beautiful, I love her ..."Thank YOU Agnetha for the music ...

She's a timeless beauty, as beautiful today as she always was, she looks great bless her.
I can't decide what's more pleasing to the senses; Agnetha's timeless beauty or her undeniably gorgeous voice???? At 53 here, she hadn't aged a second! The legend has returned. Beautiful! Time can't touch her.



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