Stand (Up) and deliver

12:11 AM / Posted by Marcus /

I was thinking of taking my high equivalence test, getting my own place, being so independent ... where do I shop, etc. The price is right :) U know, U think when U leave that they are going to run after U, well think again.
My sister, my other half, she took over of the entire room. Double the space, double the pleasure. My parents are afraid about my absence, do they yell? No. They are nice, maybe they want to say : "I don't want to grow up!"
U know, being on your own doesn't necessarily mean having your own place. It is about being your own person. It is rather easy to blame it on someone else but problem is that when U are on side no matter how cool persons are, U just want to say ... "Oh wait, let me out, I want me"
U know what, I think I found me right up here, so I've decided not to put my career on fast-forward, I need some proudest being my own person before I'm actually on my own. Thank U for listening.



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