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How I do remember my birthday's anniversary:

...The theme of the party was "where did all these people come from???" ...

...crazy crazy party. Last that I made myself , right here - in my house . Ground zero. So my friends came over, friday afternoon after work to see the new place. Needless to say they brought their 'spirits' since I was not able to party with them the last couple of weekends due to my move and unpacking.

So we ended up having a little party going. Told you my mates are awesome! I just hope I won't get kicked out of here for being a delinquent ...... everyone is coming back friday. My place was voted party place #1 within 2 hours. Can't say I am surprised. It always turns out this way.

My biggest fear is that, in this entry, like many others my friend DADA will seem ...strange :)) But what the hell , strange she is , and that's just how we like her :)

Last party was insane. I remember only in small fleshes the insane pieces of events that happened. Dada got insanely drunk , "my godfather" Peo almost started a fight, Julie almost gave everyone the alcohol poisoning from her bitchy cocktails ... and a load of people crashed the party ...only to be thrown out in the rain :) (OK so it wasn't rainining at the time , but you get the picture ... rain with champaign, wines, cocktails and all sorts of gas liquids)

Dada - "Damn , I like that guy so much ... do you think he's single? I'm gonna go and check it out .."

Peo - "We went trough three different public transportation's to get here dude , there better be some hot chicks here !"

Julie - "OK , I'm here , where's the bar , I start working as a bartender in the summer , I learned to make some hot cocktails! !"

Alexandra - " I put all the decorations , do you like it ? "

Peo - "No ... too much gay stuff "

Dada - "Im not gonna drink tonight... you know that strange stuff happens when I do ... "

Julie -"Yeah, like that's gonna happen ... here, drink some vine"

Dada, Alexandra, Julie

Alexandra -"I also made some snack ... you like it ?"

Peo -"Nah , I don't eat this late at night"

Julie -"Then you mix it with some vodka and tequila ..."

Dada -"OMG , my crush just arrived !!! "

ME -"You DID NOT invite him !!! "

Dada -"Totally did... c ya later ..."

Peo -"Dude, I like that girl , do you know her ?"

ME -"Yeah , I think she came with Dada ...But don't disturb her ... she is on the move "

Alexandra -" I broth the vine ... do you like it ? "

Julie -"Alex do you want a cocktail or what ??? "

Dada(at this point drunk as hell ) -"He totally ditched me off for that Blondie over there !!! SOB ... AND I BROKE MY SHOE... IN HALF !!!!!!!!!!"

Julie -"Well at least you are drunk! "


Julie -"Can I light the fireworks ??? PLZ ! "

ME -"Only if you stop making cocktails ! "

Julie -"SOB ...OK"

Peo -" OMG dude - I just saw that girl I just made out with - in the light ! She is ... not that hot !!!"

ME -"D, i tried to tell you ... maybie she is nice on the inside :D"

Dada -"She is a virgin D , have a great time"

Peo -"Dada , you got to stop drinking ! "

Dada -" This is my last one ... That guy over there looks HOT ... I'm on the move again !"

The birthday's couple :)

Peo realized that the girl WAS nice on the inside...but that was not enough eventually. Julie did started the candles for the festive event - and destroyed a lot of things in the process (peoples clothes , a vehicle ...the list goes on and on...). She was also to be blamed for few medical emergencies regarding the ... "bad way to mix booze".
Dada broke her new digital camera , broke a shoe (in half)(we still didn't figured out how) , drink more than ever before and was single at the end of the night ... and was happy about it :)) Alex? Alex was pleased as I ate the snacks and did not complain :)
Party lasted 14 hrs :)

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