Intalnire cu fiica sefului

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Am trait-o si pe asta. Am intalnit fiica sefului meu, intamplator cand am dat bot in bot azi dimineata. Trebuie sa marturisesc ca ne-am "cunoscut" din auzite, tatal ei vorbindu-mi mult despre ea . . . iar ea cred ca a auzit de mine din spusele tatalui ei, si poate ca si din CV. Ii stiam numele dar nu si infatisarea. Cred ca nici ea pe-a mea. Am descoperit o femeie foarte puternica si extrem - extrem de fina in acelasi timp. O fata cum am mai intalnit o singura data pana acum! Astazi si-a incheiat vacanta. . . si a venit la munca, si ne-am intalnit first time just like that:

She: "Are you a shark ???"
Me(in shock): "Excuse me !"
She: "U've been circling with lobby . . . for half an hour now, like if U would stop, U'd die. "
Me: "Yeah" ...
Me: "I am a shark"...
Me: "What about you ?", "Are U a shark too?"...
She: "Have U said good morning to Allan ?"
Me (thinking and trying to see where Allan was) : "Hmm ..."
Me: "Allan is talking with the mayor now!" . . .
Me: "Do I know you?" . . .
She: Allan's daughter, U'r new boss!
Me (laughing): "Oh ... "
Me (remembering) : "U'r the one who send me the invitation ..."
She: "Well, I thought I got to know the mystery man, Allan brought out from nowhere!"
Me: "I don't really know Allan" . . .
She (after 2 minutes of looking into my eyes): "So, every partner has a team of senior associates. Every senior associate has a team of junior associates ...
She: "And U are my team ... which means . . . I will supervise your work . . . and I will guide you trough the company's policy" . . .
Me: "Kind like a mentor ?!"
She: "Kind like a probation officer"
Me: "Do U try to scary me?"
She: "Let me ask you a question!"
Me: "Okay" ... "Shoot"
She: (I can´t remember what she asked me, something like) " ... a kind like a rising star ..... "
She: "that's .... " now she is speechless
She: " ...... .... ..... " just smiling to me
She: "U didn't actually do anything all that wrong"
Me: (nu am fost chiar sincer cu ea) ... pentru ca imi suna telefonul . . .
She: "Are U gonna get that?"[phone call]
Me: (letting my phone ring) ......... and after 10 seconds
Me: "Everybody I wanna talk to ....."
Me: "Is right here ...." :D
She: (after another 10 seconds of looking at me) "Welcome to our company" .... and while leaving .... and smiling to me
She: "Get your phone"

* Needless to say the way she makes me feel ... a positive feeling, though :D

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Comment by Hellene, tomata cu scufiţă on August 28, 2007 at 12:47 PM

:)) Way too much Hollywood in here...

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