Smooth sailing :)

12:23 AM / Posted by Marcus /

Life is going by so fast for me lately. M-am mutat lângă Ocean!

With heavier work loads and working 10-hour (sometimes even more) days, I can't help but feel I am rushing through life with no paddle to stear or to slow down the path I am going through. It is scary not being in control, but at the same time, there's beauty in finding yourself so intent in what you're doing that you just find yourself being one with the moment. Am I making sense? Probably not! I just know that when I am working, that's all that I am. It seems the outside world do not exist. My personal life just comes alive again when I walk out of work to drive home. But for 5 days/50 hours a week Raizel is synonymous to Hertz. Wow, what a sad life?!

But you know what I've never felt this focused in a long time. Although, I miss my friends and I miss going out. I like the fact that I am straight on my priorities and I am following the budget I gave myself. I am starting to take steps to my financial security, which I should have started a long time ago. It's nice to have money in the bank with no worries of overdue bills and still have some to spare for an upcoming trip. This is what I wanted and I am happy I am getting there.



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