She is (irre) PLACEable :)

10:55 PM / Posted by Marcus /

How many of U would think that when U say "I am not going to fall in love with U because U
will only break my heart", U actually express how U feel deep inside ... U mean that this worth and that U are determined to make this relation last and there is nothing U should be afraid of. That U don't want to play games, and the only thing U want is that everyone to be happy :)

And how many of you would consider being selfish saying " It is for the first time in my life when I see myself together with U, for longer time" ? Meaning that U like this person so much, that U made steps in drawing closer to her without even realizing it. And the steps U made were guided by her and cushion your walk through life. . . meaning that this person had hardly entered into your soul but the way she succeeded was brave for a woman, was unique, soft and sweet .... and was exactly as U imagined once when U were young and happy :)

But most of all, how many of you would think as being extremist when saying "I can't get enough of you" meaning that on the bottom of your heart you feel it's love. Although U and her are apart, U still have her inside your heart ... even though she keeps hurting your feelings U don't consider yourself senseless, but proud that once U loved her, thankful that she loved U, pleased that she tried to understand U, enlightened when being with her, delighted for the chocolate U shared together and all the moments together are simply priceless for U. Having her to love is reason enough to celebrate and U are nothing but happy :)

Because that's how I think ...



Comment by Chipmuncklove on June 2, 2007 at 1:50 AM

Aww you are so sweet. Love is crazy complicated but when you find it man it just hits so hard. *sigh* I love being in love

Comment by Marcus on June 2, 2007 at 5:58 PM


thank U for coming by, isn't it obvious how hard it heated me ? :) being in love is needless to say, breathtaking

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