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" Experienta este cel mai dur profesor pentru ca intai iti da testul si apoi iti spune care era lectia...."
They say, "U got to love what U do to do it right" ... and they have so much right with what they say. I've been told that the work with ppl (relations) could be the hardest possible. Other time, in contradiction with the first sentence, I have experienced that whenever U struggle to do the best U can, it ends up in a way U never expected or for sure wanted. After all this U start asking yourself why, where, when have U missed or did not understood what ppl want ?

With this being said, I want to prepare myself for an event. Particularly for a situation in which I have never been before. A group of Romanians will visit Denmark in July and I am supposed to be their "guide" here. A sort of translator or something :) be the whole period of their stay with them, live together, shop together ... and many other things. I don't know how many they will be or how young. I haven't been told yet. Probably it takes time for the organizers to handle aspects as such. Nevertheless it will be a Romanian traditional dance group which will participate in an event called Euopeade. Unless you are not Romanian or someone who is not part of a dance group, it could be U the my guest here in July.

I am glad for the opportunity that I have been offered. I look forward to meet this ppl. On the other hand I must admit I have no other knowledge than the basics I learned during my life. I am sure that those Romanians who will come here, will look for fun, no doubt about that. That's why they have been invited here, in the first place. If they forget I will kindly remember them.

I have said earlier that my knowledge and experience gives me a start-up but not everything. I know Romanians traditional dancers are good at dancing. Especially the Romanian popular dance has been rewarded many times at international festivals. They know how to make it, I trust them and will be their cheerleader ... he he he. Besides that probably when they will be home again they won't say how good their guide in Dk was but how much fun they had. From my point of view would be very important if they struggle to note themselves to other countries as well, especially Denmark :)

On my behalf, I wish I can do my job right, thus I made some self - rules which I believe every guide follows-in his job:
  1. everybody in the group will be treated equally by me, no matter of group leader or simple members;
  2. I will address myself, for the first time, to their group leader (GL);
  3. Everybody should listen to their leader not at me; Decisions would be made by the GL.
  4. Main decisions will be made by the GL; I can be a second coach, if they would need that;

I know, things are easy and I have the bad habit of complicating them. They say U have to love what U do to get it right, and that´s true. I love what I am doing and would be a pleasure to spend time with the Romanians guests. It is about my experience that I will do it 4the first time.
I want to do my best though. I want to learn and hear more. I look for advice and where else can I get it if not from friends ? From U that reads this lines. From U that knows a little bit more than me. From the ones that have done this before and experienced it many times.

And like all the blogs that are interactive, let me hear your opinion ... what advice would U give me in order to be a good guest and an okay guide ?



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