Someone like me :)

4:52 PM / Posted by Marcus /

Don't let your head rule your heart
Don't let your world torn apart
Don't keep it all to yourself
Just let your emotion to run free
With someone like me
That's the way it should be ...
Someone like me

Disclaimer: (thank U baby) I learned a lesson in my life but I learnt the hard way, I don't know why I used to fall in love with the wrong kind. Then I suffered so much pain but I only have myself to blame (maybe u came in the nick of time to show me...)
I used to keep all my feelings inside, from your eyes I have nothing to hide ... it seems to me like I've always known U, but I still shudder when I think back on the lonely time. With U I can be myself and always should, don't have to cry, don't have to fight, don't have to die night after night. U showed me love, love, love, love doesn't have to hurt to feel good



Comment by Hellene on July 12, 2007 at 5:25 PM

Aaaaatoooomiiiiic Kitten!!! De cand nu le-am mai auzit. thanks for the info, nici nu stiam ca au cantec nou :P fain de tot.

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