How come they never show up when we're crying?

12:07 AM / Posted by Marcus /

How come they never show up when we’re crying?
How come they never show up when we’re sitting in an elevator feeling lonely?
How come they cheat on us the night we’re lying awake crying and wishing we hadn’t been far away?
How come we run into them when we still love them and on that day we look awful and feel awful and we’re still in love and they’re with someone else and suddenly we feel even uglier and the love story of our lives becomes a big joke and we can hardly breath and yet we don’t pass out but smile and walk on and we know we’ll always remember that painful moment and relive it in slow motion sometimes, when we can’t sleep?
How come we need to get over them at least twice the time it took for us to trust them?
There is no happily ever after, after all. There is no “meant to be”. It’s just us. And they never show up when they should. We’re on our own.

I know, breathe… Just breathe.



izabella on July 12, 2007 at 11:36 AM

The worse you’re treated, the more you love them. And you cannot get them out of your system.
And loneliness eats you up very quietly.

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