What If ...

2:01 PM / Posted by Marcus /

I was once asked the following question: "What if U were somewhere, let's say on an airport, and U so a woman, to which U were very attracted, and which U really felt close to, for no reason at all, and U have the chance to have her right there, to be with her, but after that U will never see her again, what would U do?"

My answer was, (this happened to me), that I wouldn't complicate my life with this woman, because after that I would probably fall in love with her, or miss her and it's just not worth it.

But, U know what the other person answered me?

"U are wrong, even if U would lose her, after being with her, and this lost would cause U tears, at least U would feel that U are alive. From this situation U will get feelings of love and pain, but, first of all, you would FEEL, you would LIVE."

What if that person was right?

What if with all this "do it right, so U won't have regrets or U won't suffer", we lose something?

What's more important: to have a plain life, no risk taken, or live exactly as U want, do exactly what U feel like doing?

If I were asked this question again today, I wonder which would be my answer.

ps I hope I would have the courage to give another answer <3


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