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This movie was amazing, without question one of the best i have seen in recent history. It builds the supporting cast up very well, and makes you believe that "Bobby" was an incredible person in politics during a time of strife. Although it might be biased in portraying Kennedy, personally I feel that he should be held in almost the same regard as Dr. King, that is he tried, and succeeded in promoting a new age, and incidentally gave his life.

I do not live in the United States, but i realize the importance of a strong, united U.S. and this film is a great example of perhaps what may have been. Like anything else, it was eternally shaped by the actions of a minority. "Violence breeds violence." In trying to stem the violence, Mr. Kennedy in fact brought violence upon himself, and it is a true testament to his character that while he was facing his own demise, he was making sure the people around him were going to survive. Five stars, great job in honoring a great Kennedy.


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