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  • Find someone who knows what a happy person looks like.
  • Wish for the one who is mostly calm than mad
  • Love someone who can forgive and ready to love
  • Prefer someone who can be happy just by looking at you in the morning ... and not only if you buy her presents
  • Find someone who knows why to be happy and how to overcome any bad situations
  • Want the one who gives you the feeling of being the best friends/mates/couple rather than two lovers
  • Care for someone who rather appreciates you than love you
  • Call for the one who is always there for you, trough good and bad rather than the one who dreams of being with you
  • Cherish the one who is ready to learn along with you, rather than the one who pretends to know everything
  • Long for the one that is more open to people rather than beautiful
  • Take someone with a beautiful attitude, warm, and friendly rather than fashionable, extravagant and luxurious
  • Choose the one with her own style and not the one everyones´ style
  • Choose the one that knows how to make herself loved and love others

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