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I am ridiculously happy, excited, and giddy today. I think it’s a combination of things, but it’s mostly because I’ve made two new friends who are just freaking AWESOME!

Bart and Gregor are two of the coolest people I have ever met and we’ve bonded very quickly.

Bart is outrageous, bold, funny, confident, and has a total potty mouth, which, for some reason, cracks me up. He is also loyal and protective and the kind of person that will speak whatever is on his mind and screw what anybody else thinks.

Gregor is quiet, kind, with just enough temper and stubbornness to keep him at the passive-aggressive level. He’s also loyal and protective and the kind of person who will go out of his way to help anyone in need, especially a friend.

I already loved my job because of what I’m doing, but it hasn’t been a huge secret that I’ve been lonely. And most of the time, I’ve kept to myself, with the exception of a few times when my natural attitude got the best of me and I’ve opened up and chatted with everybody. But I’m not really into the whole “gossip scene” and there’s a lot of that shit going on in a small dorm that is mostly females. Hence why I just do my job and then go home.

But Bart and Gregor have made living fun and they never fail to put a smile on my face when I walk in the dorm or am stressed out because there’s a million things going on all at once and they all need my IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

I didn’t realize how much making friends meant to me and how lonely I’ve been without my own social circle. I mean, I have friends but when I used to live in a small town doing my practical placement and not knowing many people ... was kind of sad. All my other friends were back to school, socializing and throwing parties ... we didn’t really made time for one another, especially when living in different places. Going down different roads. The only time we really get together wass during couple of short visits and International day.

And then there’s Peo, who is also one of my best friends… but that situation there is kind of… sticky, I guess. Even though we do spend a lot of time together, there’s just something about having gal pals, you know?

So I was contemplating a bleak weekend with nothing to do except sleep, read, clean house, etc. But NOW, my entire weekend is full and I’m so EXCITED!

Friday night we’re going to this place where you can bring your own food and beverages and make pottery, then paint it. We’re bringing a bottle of wine and going to make some pretty, pretty, pottery… something! Then Saturday night, we’re going out to the movies to see a “chick flick” — 27 Dresses. Which I’ve been wanting to see since I seen the previews for it on tv. Midnight we will attend the "Official Valentine's day party". Sunday, Bart and I are going to church in the morning and then out to lunch, where we’ll sit and talk for probably hours.

Then I have Monday off and that will be my day to clean, do laundry, catch up on sleep, etc.

I kind of feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s like I had so much of my life put together, but there were some empty spots. Namely, a church to call my own and friends to make up my social circle. And now, those things are, or already have, been taken care of!

(p.s. Bart and Gregor are both from Poland, Peo is bulgarian)

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