Obrigado! E até breve, Portugal!

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It´s been already some time since I feel at home in Porto, I simply love this city!! :-) It´s a known fact that every place has its advantages and disadvantages, everywhere you go, but not anywhere you can feel at home, in time, it´s true, not immediately.

Why Porto?
  • because of the relaxed atmosphere, full of latinity
  • for the friends I made and the great people I´ve met
  • even if it´s not a capital, it´s pretty small comparing to others and not depersonalized as a city
  • because the ocean is near
  • because it has the delicious "pasteis de nata" and "Vinho do Oporto"
  • because it´s a warm and sunny weather almost all the time
  • the Portuguese are calm, relaxed, kind and nice people
  • because almost everybody speaks English
  • for the cultural diversity - you can find here people from all over Europe and also from other continents
  • because the notion of rushing doesn´t exist, and you can be late even 1 hour, without being something out of the common (that´s an advantage when you´re not the one who´s waiting obviously :P )
  • because the city has many things to see: beach in Espinho, Estadio do Dragao, Estadio do Bessa, a lot of monuments with impressive architectures, Ribeira, the liveliest dining area in the city, monasteries, museums, palaces, castles, bridges, in Porto and also near by (Lisbon - Rock in Rio)... anyway it´s impossible to get bored :-)
And Portugal in general for its touristic richness and the calm and relaxed way of its people.

I really enjoyed the evenings and nights ...my friends are the people that I got most attached to here, and with whom I´ve created the stronggest connections...I feel this :-). Thank you, my dears!

Amo-te, Portugal! :-)

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