hello Poland, nice to meet you

4:50 PM / Posted by Marcus /

After a long semester in Denmark, me and Izabela decided to spend the Christmas together with her family in Poland :) It's been 3 days since we arrived in the North part of Poland, Pomerania region, in the city of Gdynia, near Gdansk on the Baltic Sea Coast. We have landed in Poland on the "Lech Valensa" airport in Gdansk where Izabela's father and mother were waiting for us. I have met them before, when they were visiting Denmark in august so they were quite happy to see us together again :) We drove directly home where Marta (.young sis) and Michal (marta's b/f) were waiting for us with a delicious pizza with garlic sous - Made by Marta, made in Poland :)) Our first dinner was awesome and me and Izabela felt warmly welcomed. After dinner we had to unpack and drink a delicious polish wine made by "Tadek" - Izabela's grandfather :D While we were unpacking, Karolina (.wise sis) payed us a visit and said hello and welcome to Poland.
I call Karolina wise sis because she really is, an independent, married, successful and beautiful woman.
The next day, me and Izabela woke up pretty late and ate delicious breakfast. In the morning I found how nicely decorated is Izabela's house, which is located in a very select district called Dumbrova - on a hill (160m high from the sea level) surrounded by woods. Imagine waking up in the morning and looking on the window and not being able to recognize the surroundings ??? Is it a dream or is it real?? It was real I found out when Misu' (Family's dog) scratched the door of my room and entered inside to tell me "Good morning".
Misu is a very clever dog, he noticed that I woke up even if the door was closed, amazing, and jumping on my bed and said good morning was definitely unexpected... but very warmly of him. During our first day in Gdynia we have been to a walk around the district where even more neighbors have started to decorate their houses in different colors and different models. Some decorate their doors, some decorate their threes in the garden and some their windows. I guess the strategy is "decorate everything you can" so people can admire and notice your beautiful house. Well, there are only nice houses in this beautiful district. After I saw the district we returned home where Izabela's father, Eugenius light the fire in the chemny. We sat in front of the chemny and drank Tadek's wine (again).
When Marta and Michal came back home they joined us and shared with us Michal's wine :))) very sweet though. After a while Karolina came with her dog, Roxia, a golden retriwer 6 months old, very happy dog because it couldn't sit a second. Roxia either was preparing for "rally" or was happy to be surrounded by so many people !!! Our evening ended after we make sure that Lech Poznan won their last game in the Uefa Cup. Zajebiƛce!
During our second day we were visiting Karolina at work. She works as an financial consultant for Citibank Poland. Before and after this short visit me and Izabela have been shopping a little, but just a little and I have noticed that in polish malls the man stores are on the ground floor while the women stores are on the first floor, which is different than Denmark, I guess Arad too! Prices in Poland are cheaper than in Dk and almost like in Romania. We have also seen the city's main boulevard and the harbor. In Gdynia, at the moment, is the tallest building in Poland - Sea tower - which has 38 floors.
Our third day was spent by finishing our school projects and sending them to our teachers. Deadline was one day after. We have been shopping in Gdansk during the evening and have finally visited the producer of great wines - Tadek (Izabela's grandfather). Izabela's parents drove us to Gdansk and on our way back, on the high way, 5 cars crushed in creating a carambol and everybody had to stop. We spent about 30-45 minutes on the high way until we could drive again and we all considered ourselves lucky of not being involved in that horrible car accident. Nobody was dead just 5 cars collided and blocked the entire traffic on the returning way from Gdansk to Gdynia.
Today we were around the city looking for few presents for friends that will visit us tonight . W e will also visit another friend tonight because she just moved in a new apartment together with her boyfriend. Tomorrow I will go to the hairdresser and will spent the evening with few other of friends that will come by. Weather is cold here and is a deep fog for the moment making impossible for me to take photos. At the first glance people seem friendly and hospitable which makes me feel more like home. I feel that this Christmas will be unique as days brings us closer. Polish carols are the best although I do not understand completely. Very nice to celebrate this time with Izabela, especially weekends, where we compliment each other and spread love all over :) Zimowe smaki!