Thats the thing ... Simple is better

11:57 PM / Posted by Marcus /

This is the answer!!! Listen to this girl seriously! Earth First. This movie is made too simplistic so everybody could understand the message cause the point here is to inform and create a conscience about the problem. Real change can only come from the people.
Let's change people ... We CAN make it change.
Lets create something new I'll just say: it seems we live in a wrong era, we as human beings have to find a way to unite great masses of people who love and respect our planet and thus nature, pieceful and friendly goverments and policies. but this is utopia. how?!! It is ALL our problem, but some of us are more responsible than others. When was the last time you needed to walk 3 miles to carry 3 litres of water? Easier to go to the mall in the 4x4 to buy a mega diet coke perhaps? Why is there toxic stuff in our stuff, and why does it cost more if you buy things without the toxic stuff? It makes me mad to know that there is so much toxic stuff. The good news is that we are consumers and hold the power. Be aware of what you purchase. We all need to be happy with what we've got, and stop asking for more.